Versatile systems engineer with broad experience spanning software, firmware, and hardware. Experience ranging from low-power embedded systems to HPC distributed systems of several thousand nodes. Significant experience with sensor networks: data acquisition, aggregation, storage, time series databases, analysis, monitoring, and visualization. Experienced in Linux development in both user- and kernel-space. Experienced in developing network software and protocol design. Developed software in C, C++, Scala, Java, Python, Perl, and to a lesser extent, many others.

Interested in and experienced with large-scale distributed systems, anomaly detection and monitoring systems, data visualization, real-time graphics engines, embedded systems (embedded Linux, microcontrollers), distributed databases and query planners, and autonomous/semi-autonomous systems (planners, hierarchical task networks, etc).

Software Engineer


January 2012 - August 2015

Built infrastructure for measurement, monitoring, and analysis of the production service stack. We call it Observability. Worked on operating systems, JVM performance analysis, and container technologies.

Software Engineer, Principal, Consultant

Rho Sigma Software

September 2010 - October 2011

Developed software for data mining, visualization, and intuitive operational control systems.

Software Engineer, Systems Administrator


January 2007 - July 2010

Worked on infrastructure for initial product launch and on through the second generation product (Telo).

Developed network management, monitoring, configuration control, network traffic shaping, data mining, and visualization tools for the production service platform and operational support system. Contributed in capacity planning and initial infrastructure build-out including server specifications, operating system platform, storage requirements, software deployment architecture, and database architecture.

Systems Administrator, DBA


December 2004 - August 2006

Developed software for both engineering and operations. Was involved in data center capacity and software roadmap. Wrote automated software deployment systems. Developed, tested, and deployed large-scale, live, production service software migration strategies. Performed extensive database cluster planning, management, and tuning.

Software Engineer, Systems Administrator

Isthmus Network Consulting

September 1999 - March 2004

Developed network software and web services. Assumed other responsibilities such as systems administrator and technical writer as needed (included course work).

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